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Doğa ziyaret ettiğimiz bir yer değildir, doğa bizim evimizdir.

Gary Snyder
  • To have researchers and solutions for existing and potential ecological problems,
  • To ensure the spread of life harmonized with nature, shaped by ecological processes,
  • To see that information production is not independent or superior to other production areas, it is necessary to share and transmit clear information, to carry out all these processes interactively,
  • To be open and/or to support the work together with the co-occurrences in the direction of principles and values

With the principles of,

  • To produce scientific knowledge for nature, society and self-interest.
  • The fact that the information produced is a trail in the world.
  • Knowing the assets in the biosphere, protecting and studying the future.
  •  Organize production and consumption relations for a dreamed life in nature.
  • Complete what one of us can not do, and in this process, rehabilitate ourselves and our community.
  • Against of monopolization of the information and supporting shared open sources.
  • We aim to know that nature is the only real ground and that it becomes a culture.