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Eastern Mediterranean Research Association

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“To live! Like a tree alone and free, like a forest in brotherhood , this yearing is ours.” NHR

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Our Interests

  • Nature Protection

    Nature is your only home. Protect it!

  • Evolutionary Biology

    Do you know every piece of nature has its own the evolutionary story?

  • Recycle

    recycle to your nature and do recycling!

  • Organic Farming

    Organic Farming, it is possible!

  • Ecology

    Do you know your house and the interior?

  • Biodiversity

    From past to present, all the colors and stories are here, you can see it, you are right beside it …

  • Education

    Learn your nature, educate yourself!

  • Clean energy

    Why do you need it? for how long do you think you can continue using fossil fuels? There is a way out of the ordinary!